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15 July 2008 @ 01:41 pm
(H) Casual Raiding Guild Recruiting  

Reposted from the TB boards:

Guild: The Last To Fall
Server: RP/PVE - Thorium Brotherhood

The Last To Fall recently reformed, and is currently recruiting all classes, though we have a need for a few very specific classes:

Resto Druid
Aff Warlock
Prot Pally
Holy Priest

We are a friendly casual guild, who's end game focus is on 10-man raids. At this time, we have one Kara group that is farming as well as gearing up recently dinged guildies, and we are forming a 2nd late-night team for Kara runs. Our goals are to get two groups running Kara weekly, as well as getting a weekly ZA group going. If membership permits, we will also do so delving into 25-man raids, but have no hard-set goals to do so.

We are also looking at forming Guild Alliances with other small guilds on TB who would like to see Higher End content.

We are a family oriented guild, and expect behavior/language to be appropriate for the children of players that may overhear vent conversations. Also, as guild leadership, we expect all members of our guild to respect other players on Thorium Brotherhood. No sabotaging RP, flaming, begging, or any such behavior is tolerated from our guildies. In other words, we are looking for mature players.

Our fairly new website can be found at:


We also have a Vent server that is available to all guild members.

If you have any questions, message me or my officers in game:


Or E-mail Stabin at Stabin@comcast.net