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23 October 2007 @ 04:50 pm
(H) Casual/Family Guild recruiting on Thorium Brotherhood  
Server: Thorium Brotherhood
Faction: For the Horde!
Guild Name: Murloc Stole My Socks
Roleplay Status: Light-none
Guild Leader : Phorist
Officer Contacts: Devastation, Grotahk, Mohgreen, Slig, Tanguss, Xenneth
Website: http://murloc.guildlaunch.com (The website is Brand new, so there is no content YET)
Raid Times: Murlocs currently has no raiding schedule, but is working toward raiding and End-Game content.
Recruitment: We are looking for a diverse group of new players to join our group. All Races and all Classes are welcome and level 70 is NOT a requirement. We DO require Good attitudes and mature players! That said, we'd especially like to see some more high level healers & paladins.
Information:Murloc Stole My Socks, is a mature, casual, family oriented guild. We're out to Have Fun first and foremost. Rudeness will not be tolerated. We're looking for people who like to group with their guildmates and explore new zones and content. We have a Guild First attitude, and want players who support their fellow guildmembers. Alts are welcome, so long as your Main is joining the guild. 

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